Programs for Children in

Preschool and Kindergarten

The Discovery Zone feels it is critical for children to start off at an early age with a positive, fun experience interacting in a natural setting. 


"I cannot begin to express how valuable Webb Mountain's programs have been for my daughter Gabbie. Each class was centered around a nature theme that was introduced through a story that grabbed her attention, followed by an adventure on the trail, and ending with a craft that tied everything together, all taught by a knowledgeable, fun and interactive instructor. From hunting for salamanders, to catching and holding tadpoles while learning the lifecycle of a frog, the lessons were endless. I enjoyed every minute of watching my daughter learn while having so much fun!"
-Ryan and Gabbie

Discovering Autumn & Spring

Summer Discoveries

Caregiver & Me

"I have found the classes to be wonderful. The use of stories to introduce the theme and set the tone of the day's class is great. And there is no better way to learn about the natural world than to experience it first hand which is why I love the nature walk portion of the class - the kids get the sensory experience of seeing, hearing and touching. The craft at the end of each class helps the children process what they experienced as well as having a fun keepsake to remind them of what they learned. I think it helps reiterate that nature is beautiful. Elijah still talks about much of what he learned in the programs."
-Laura T.

We're currently offering Discovering Autumn, Discovering Spring, and Summer Discoveries, as well as three seasonal Mommy & Me Programs for Preschoolers and Kindergartners (3-6 year olds) with their parent or caregiver.  Each week we read a story related to that days topic, explore the Discovery Zone trails through the eyes of our preschoolers, and create a craft together.  Interacting in a natural setting offers young children unsurpassed opportunities for mental, physical and emotional growth.  The shared experience of an adult over the course of the program further enhances this impact.


Studies are linking the growing disconnect of children interacting with nature to increased levels of attention deficit, obesity and depression, in addition to a sharp decline of scientists and engineers.  Our programs will help children sharpen their observation skills, increase their awareness and feed their imagination.

Humans have interacted with nature since the earliest days, but it has disappeared for many of our children.  Let the Discovery Zone introduce nature to your children so that it's many benefits will last a lifetime.

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