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Picture This!  Photography Classes For Kids


Picture This:

Picture your child interacting with and enjoying nature through a different lens – photography!

Join us as professional photographer Alyssa Janco leads your child through an interactive photography class, open to children in Pre-K through 5th grade. 

Digital cameras will be provided for each participant to use during the class. Your child’s photos will be emailed to you to view and download for free after the class! 

To view our updated flyer, click here.

*You do not have to stay at the photography class with your child.

Sessions (PreK - 1st)


May 22nd - 9:30 to 11am FULL!


June 12th - 9:30 to 11am FULL!

June 16th - 1:30 to 3pm 

June 26th - 9:30 to 11am FULL!


July 10th - 9:30 to 11am FULL!

July 14th - 3 to 4:30pm FULL!

July 24th  - 9:30 to 11am 


August 4th - 3 to 4:30pm FULL!

Sessions (1st/2nd - 5th)


May 15th - 9:30 to 11am FULL!


June 5th - 9:30 to 11am 

June 19th - 9:30 to 11am  FULL!


July 21st - 3:00 to 4:30pm FULL!


Our classes have come to an end this year, but we hope to see you next summer! 

Past Student Work

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