Exciting Nature-Themed Birthday Parties!

“There is only one word to describe the Pirate Treasure Hunt party that the Discovery Zone did for us...... AWESOME!!!!
The kids took their treasure boxes to school and told the teacher of all the fun they had. Their quote was: "It was the best birthday party they ever went to!"
Thank you Discovery Zone for making this the best birthday party ever!!”
-Charlene McCulley (Pirate Treasure Hunt)

From mystery and fantasy, to exploration and art… birthday parties at the Discovery Zone are sure to make your child’s birthday unforgettable!

The Discovery Zone will create a special birthday party experience for your child that is exciting and educational! Whether your child loves to explore or you are tired of the same “party factories” -  everyone will love visiting the Discovery Zone’s outdoor classroom and easy to navigate nature trails!  Parties last 2 hours, with 1 hour of that time being led by a Discovery Zone teacher.

Party Themes

Planning & Pricing

Party Availability

Party Packages:

Pirate Treasure Hunt Birthday (All ages!)

Ahoy Matey!  Children transform into pirates and head out for a Pirate treasure hunt like no other as they follow clues to the hidden treasure left behind by Pirates centuries ago in the forest of the Discovery Zone!  Meet Captain Hawk and convince him to tell you where the treasure is buried.  Children five and under will go on a treasure hunt looking for gold coins! Available March – Nov.

“(The) Party was a hit! Everything was perfect!! I appreciate you and the staff. Thanks again!!”

-Heather F., Monroe (Pirate Treasure Hunt)

Elf Adventure (All ages!)

Children transform into elves to ward off Jack Frost from freezing up the pools and ponds in the Discovery Zone with his frosty touch, saving our friendly frogs, turtles and salamanders! The party starts with a special story in our classroom, and then our transformed elves will go explore the forest and find a special wand to make for a happy ending to this very exciting party!  Available March - Nov.

A Fairy Happy Birthday (Pre-schoolers)

Fun and fantasy are everywhere in the enchanted forest at the Discovery Zone!  After reading Tracy Kane’s “Fairy Houses,” children find natural materials and let their creative powers take over to make their very own fairy houses! Available March - Nov.

Birthday Safari! (All ages!)

Children head out into the woods for a grand adventure to search all over for salamanders, frogs and maybe even some turtles-and we know where a lot of them are hiding!  An action packed hour for kids who love outdoor excitement and adventure! Available April - Oct.

“The kids had a terrific time. The 3rd grade class had recently taken a field trip to the Discovery Zone learning about Rocks & Minerals so they were all excited to return there. It was such a nice party and the kids learned a lot too.”
-Debra S. (Reptiles)

Buggin’ Out Birthday (All ages!)

Got a child who gets buggy about bugs?  You're not alone!  Let them learn more about insects while we explore the Discovery Zone to catch and inspect our buggy buddies! Available May – Oct.

“Sawyer had the best time at his party! What a great day. So nicely run. I can’t say enough positive things. Thank you for making our little ‘entomologist’ happy!”
– Lesa E., Trumbull (Buggin’ Out Birthday)

Artful Birthday (All ages!)

Art is all around us in the outdoors!  Let your birthday goers explore and see what natural items they can find to express their own personal sense of art while creating a nature craft at the Discovery Zone! Children can make an art collage to take home or jewelry. Available March – Nov. 

“Vernal” Pool Party (Ages 6+)

Grab the nets and get a little wet to see who lives in the Discovery Zone vernal pool ponds!  What will we catch (and release) from our rich and diverse vernal pools teeming with life just below the surface?  Then get to make your own slimy egg masses to bring home! Available June – Sept.

The leaders kept the kids interested and were also interested in what they were doing and it showed. Every one had a great time and the park grounds are soooo beautiful. Can't wait to go back and just ex-plore. What a gem right in my backyard and I didn't even know it!”
-Karen B., Newtown (Vernal Pool Party)

This Birthday Rocks! (All ages!)

Kids love rocks and we’ve got a lot of them at the Discovery Zone!  Go on a scavenger hunt, learning about rocks and minerals native to Connecticut.  Then, either start a rock collection or craft a piece jewelry made from rocks and minerals!  Available March – Nov.


Dig This Party - Archeological Dig (Ages 9+)

Search for buried artifacts like Indiana Jones!  Uncover the history beneath our feet!  Kids become real archeologist as we dig for authentic Native American and Colonial artifacts provided to us from the CT Museum of Natural History! Available March - Nov.

 Teacher Led Scavenger Hunt (All ages!)

There is so much to discover at the Discovery Zone! A fun-filled scavenger party may be created for your child, guided by one of specially trained teachers!  Available March – Nov.


Party Planning:


Monroe Residents - $170 for 12 children, $6 each additional child, 20 child maximum.*

Non-Monroe Residents - $185 for 12 children, $6 each additional child, 20 child maximum.*

*Siblings of the birthday child or guest (ages 3 and up) are included in the total number of children.



We Provide:

  •          A specially trained educator to lead your program.
  •     All parties will provide a take away gift or craft for all guests.
  •          Picnic tables under cover for your celebration.
  •          Port-o-potties are available

You Provide:

  •          Decorations
  •     Picnic table covering
  •          Cake/food
  •          Party goods, plates, etc.
  •          A knife to cut the cake
  •          Candles
  •          Matches or lighter
  •          We recommend wearing long sleeve shirts & pants, sneakers or                  boots & using bug spray when visiting the Discovery Zone.

Book Your Party:

To Book a Party:  Email us at discoveryzone@earthlink.net to discuss available dates.  Download and complete the party registration form, email it to us and mail with your deposit check to Program Coordinator, Discovery Zone, 52 Webb Circle, Monroe, CT  06468.

Deposit & Cancellations Policy: A deposit of $50 is required at the time of party booking.  Please notify the Discovery Zone at least two weeks in advance of your scheduled visit or your payment will be forfeited.


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